Meet Our Team

Bios Partners has a combined 80 years of experience in hedge funds, private equity, clinical drug development and public pharma/biotech analysis to fill the CEO’s experiential void.

Aaron G.L. Fletcher, PhD

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Dr. Fletcher founded and serves as President of Bios Research, a financial services firm that provides public equity research in the healthcare space tailored to institutional firms and large family offices. Bios Research provides fundamental healthcare industry research focused in the biotech and med-tech sub-sectors and through this research, Dr. Fletcher has a strong understanding of commercial viability in the marketplace. Dr. Fletcher holds a PhD in Biochemistry from Colorado State University and currently serves as a visiting professor at Dallas Baptist University where he assists in teaching Biochemistry, Bioethics, and Cell Biology. Dr. Fletcher has worked as an independent consultant for the biotech/healthcare equity industry for over 10 years.

Les W. Kreis

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Mr. Kreis has over 23 years of investment experience across many types of financial instruments in both global public and venture capital markets. In addition to Bios Partners, Mr. Kreis is the Managing Principal at Steelhead Capital Management. Over the past 10 years, Mr. Kreis started several early stage companies, occasionally served as chief operator, served on many boards of directors, and invested in over 45 ventures in both active and passive capacities. Currently, Mr. Kreis serves on the board of five active portfolio companies. Mr. Kreis is also a founding member of Cowtown Angels, a Fort Worth-based angel investment network. Prior to this, Mr. Kreis was a Vice President at HBK Investments, a multi-strategy global hedge fund based in Dallas, TX. Mr. Kreis received a BBA in Finance from Texas Christian University in 1994.

Stella M. Robertson, PhD


Dr. Robertson has over 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical Research and Development, including R&D strategies, project management, clinical trials, regulatory filings for US and international registrations, product launch, market support, translational medicine, and medical communication. Dr. Robertson is a co-founder of Bios Partners, a member and investor with the Cowtown Angels, and the owner of Arrochar Consulting, LLC. She formerly was a VP in R&D at Alcon Laboratories, Inc., a Division of Novartis, where she grew and led organizations that were responsible for the ophthalmic pipeline, including pharmaceuticals and medical devices. She received a Ph.D. in Biology-Immunology from Johns Hopkins University, is an adjunct member of the Ophthalmology Department of UTHSCD Southwestern Medical School, and is a community volunteer. She holds a number of patents and is the author or co-author of over 50 publications.

Travis M. Whitfill, MPH


Mr. Whitfill is the senior analyst at Bios Research whose background is in molecular biology and healthcare research. Mr. Whitfill received scientific training at top academic institutions, including M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Duke University, and Yale University. He has a Masters of Public Health from Yale with an emphasis on molecular epidemiology. He is the co-founder of several startup companies, has been principal investigator or co-investigator on several grant-funded projects, and has a strong background in entrepreneurship and biotech/healthcare securities research. He maintains a part-time appointment at the Yale School of Medicine as a Research Scientist. Mr. Whitfill holds several patents and is the author or co-author of nearly two dozen publications.

John Fucci


Mr. Fucci has five years of experience in private equity focused primarily on angel and venture capital investments. He is an associate at Steelhead Capital Management and Bios Partners and is active in a variety of industries including biotechnology, consumer packaged goods, energy, and real estate. Mr. Fucci currently serves on the board of Lantern Pharma, Inc., a biotechnology company focused on clinical-staged cancer treatments located in Dallas, TX. Mr. Fucci double majored in Finance with an emphasis in Real Estate and Entrepreneurial Management from Texas Christian University.

Amanda de la Garza


Ms. de la Garza has over five years experience of financial and scientific analysis as an analyst at Bios Research, an independent consulting firm that provides research services in the healthcare and biotech industries to institutional investors. Ms. de la Garza has developed a strong understanding of healthcare market dynamics and commercial viability therein. She received her Masters of Public Health from the UT Health Science Center at Houston with a focus in epidemiology and global health. Amanda continues to volunteer for global health NGOs in lower-income countries in Asia.

Supriya Sinha, PhD


Dr. Sinha joined Bios Partners in June 2017 as an Analyst. She holds a PhD in Molecular Medicine from University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA). Dr. Sinha has a strong scientific background and has prior project management experience at technology commercialization office at UTHSCSA. She is a member of the Cowtown Angels and Health Wildcatters Health Investor Alliance. She provides mentorship as a part of Health Wildcatters, a healthcare seed fund and accelerator in Dallas, TX.